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And we are here to help you build it. 

Who we are

Lori-Lee Emshey

Lori-Lee co-founded Future Sight after five years of working in the energy industry. As a second generation energy professional, she grew up on construction projects and has lived on every continent. She has worked with several large energy sector companies including Shell, Jacobs, Bechtel, and CB&I. Lori-Lee also has an Honors Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto and Master's from New York University where she was a graduate fellow. Lori-Lee currently serves as Future Sight AR's CEO.  

  Sofia Lazaro

Sofia Lazaro

Sofia Lazaro

Spanish-American Sofia Lazaro has a Bachelor's of Science from Georgia Tech. After graduating, Sofia served as the Global Internship Program Manager for AIESEC. During her time with AIESEC, Sofia managed partnerships with UPS, State Street, DHL, Education First and other multinational companies to deliver an international internship program. Most recently, Sofia worked with Global Custom Commerce overseeing several departments in process management and optimization and is the COO of Future Sight.

veena square in circle.png

Veena Somareddy (Ph.D)

Veena Somareddy is a virtual and augmented reality software developer creating games and experiences for medical training and simulation. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a Master's in Game Design and Development from University of Texas at Dallas. She has many years of industry experience working for large and small start-ups creating virtual reality experiences. While leading the creation of therapy tools at Neuro Rehab VR , she is also pursuing her Ph.D with  in medical applications of virtual reality and serves as Future Sight's CTO.

 How we do it  

Future Sight AR in an immersive technology company founded in 2016 based in Houston. We work with companies to integrate legacy systems with our latest immersive solutions.  Every company has different goals - from automating construction to reducing errors or required manpower to engaging employees and transparency with clients - and we tailor each pilot to match those goals. 

The simplest way to solve problems is to see them before they happen.

With instant access to our comprehensive mixed reality library.  management, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning teams can prevent delays before they happen. See our Use Cases page for ways Future Sight can optimize the construction process using immersion technologies.

WHy immersion for enterprise

We live in a world of instant information. Construction sites shouldn't be any different. Whether it's simple tag identification, system walk-downs, redlining, remote support or operator training you need the 3D CAD model every step of the way. But companies shouldn't have to build this themselves. That's where Future Sight can help.